Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Ellie was somewhat scrawny at birth.  She had little bird legs.  She was six pounds, ten ounces.

She is no longer scrawny, and now has adorable little rolls on her thighs and arms.  She even has tan lines from the rolls, causing her to ever-so-slightly resemble a baby zebra.  Ellie also has very chubby cheeks.  Her weight gain began with chunky cheeks, and her chubby little grin makes my day.

(A hand!  A hand!  Hands attached to my arms!  Oh my!)

But cheeks aren't just for kissing!

Cheeks provide advertising for Graco.  I only wish I had a photo.  Ellie tends to nap in the stroller on longer runs.  The other day, she cashed out completely with her head leaning forward.  I stopped to gently put her head back numerous times, only to discover that Ellie is stubborn even as she sleeps.  She woke up with the Graco logo emblazoned on her cheek. 

Cheeks provide flotation in the pool.

(It's OK, Daddy, my cheeks make my head float.)

Cheeks can make holding up your head difficult, due to extra weight.

(So heavy!  I think I'll just eat my blanket.)

But mostly, size XXL cheeks just win the affection of strangers. 

(I'm lovable.  And very chatty these days.)

And Mommy and Daddy feel the love, too.
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  1. she is too funny, such a personality! Love it!!

  2. Cheeks are my favorite part about babies. I love making smoochie sounds on them.

    PS Your captions are a hoot!

  3. Love the baby chub! We've got a healthy dose of it here too :)

  4. I love all the funny things Ellie says! :D She makes your blog so entertaining.


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