Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Vacation + {Giveaway} Monday

Happy last day of school for teachers!

(Yay!  Done!)

Now I can start on my summer "to-do" list, including reorganizing Ellie's room.  Which makes this the perfect time for an announcement: I'm starting Monday Giveaways.  For at least the next three weeks, I'm hosting a giveaway each Monday, because everyone needs something to smile about on Mondays.

Here's what I'm smiling about.

(Yay for {Giveaway} Monday.)

(We hang out at the kiddie pool.)

(How I plan to spend the summer.)

Without further ado, our first item.  Ellie has a room decorated with cute little elephants, giraffes, and monkeys, so she is happy to be giving away this print, thanks to Happy Landings at Etsy.

(From Happy Landings.)

The name of the print is "Ellie Elephant and Ginnie Giraffe."  How appropriate!  The shop is full of cute prints and cards, some of which are hilarious.

(Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.)

The shop owners, Brittany and her husband, have two little girls and just opened their print and card shop on Etsy. They've been selling t-shirts on Etsy for a while and love the community, and they love working with people to personalize their posters, prints, and cards.

In order to enter this sweet giveaway, leave one comment for each way you enter. will pick the winner.  (Shipping is to the US only.)  Here are the ways to enter:

1. "Follow" Little Miss Stubborn on Google Friend Connect (in the sidebar) or Blogger (above the header).  Comment and tell Ellie you are following. She loves knowing who is keeping tabs on her.

2. Check out Happy Landings and make them a favorite on Etsy, then comment on what you loved in the shop.

3.  "Like" Ellie's Facebook page, and leave a comment here.

4.  Comment and tell Ellie about your favorite "Last Day of School" celebration from your own school days. (Give her some ideas for when she gets older!)

Good luck, and happy summer!

PS. Ellie's marathon fundraisers are off to a great start!  Check out how much she's grown since Uncle Mark posted her photo on his page!

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  1. So fun! My favorite end-of-the-year celebration was going to the community pool for a party with the whole fifth grade. We loved it!

  2. Yay!! One of my favorite end of school memories is when my Mom picked me up from school to "go crazy," which meant that she took us to a surprise fun location, which usually ended with getting ice cream. I have already started "going crazy" with our 20mo and he loves it!

  3. I am a faithful follower and love the blog... looking forward to brighter Mondays with give-aways! Way to go Ellie :)

  4. Ellie - I look forward to seeing what is new in your world. And of course your Mom and Dad. I love the prints and if I win, I think you need the print to go with your room.

  5. Wow, the first photo is gorgeous. I love me some beautiful brown eyes! Enjoy your summer!

  6. Hey Miss Ellie! Love your give-aways and seeing your lovely face here on Mommy's blog. My favorite summer memory is when we got to stay out until it got dark outside and roam around the neighborhood completely unsupervised. AND, we didn't ever wear shoes in the summer!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your daughter is beautiful. I'm a former special education teacher, so looks like we have that in common! And, yesterday I had a session with a family who has a daughter with Down. She's a doll and had so many great expressions. I'm sure you'll have tons more great photos in your future with Ellie!

  8. She is the cutest thing : )
    Don't you just love summer vacation? Today was Kaishon's first day of it and he is LOVING it!

  9. My favorite last-day-of-school was always the pool parties. :)

  10. I love that first photo of Ellie. She's getting so BIG!

  11. We are really enjoying reading about Ellie and all of your adventures as a new parent! You are doing a fantastic job Megan!

  12. I think I found how to do this - Happy Landing signs are so cool. Check out the books are man's best friend other than a dog sign... being a reader and dog person this is so cool!!!!! Grea Aunt Carol

  13. oh, how fun! I just became a follower and THEN I saw this cool!


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