Saturday, June 18, 2011

School's Out for Summer.

Let me rephrase that title.  "School's out for students for summer.  Teachers have one more day."  

(But don't worry, when school is officially out for teachers, I'll be hosting a pretty sweet start of summer giveaway.  You'll want to win.  I promise.  And I'm having a 70 followers giveaway.  And another one after that where I'm still working out details.  I love winning stuff, but I really love helping other people win stuff!)

This post has little to do with the end of my school year, but I've been counting down for so long that I had to tell everyone, "School's Out!"  I love standing in the hallway the last day as students file out with "Have a good summer!" repeated over and over again.

One more day for the grown ups, and then I can relax into summer as well.  And start my "to do" list.  Here's what I've got so far:

* Reorganize basement
* Reorganize kitchen
* Move rocking chair upstairs and upstairs chair to basement
* Start Ellie's baby book
* Make dinner occasionally
* Read books for fun
* Train for a marathon under the guidance of a coach
* Go on dates with my husband
* Play with Ellie
* Locate the breakfast tray

Huh?  Locate the breakfast tray?  That's right.  This morning, I decided to be super sweet and bring Matt breakfast in bed.  Ellie slept until after 6 am, so once she was fed and content, I brought her swing to the kitchen and made pancakes.  Then, I started looking for the beautiful breakfast tray I received at my bridal shower.  I couldn't find it anywhere, so Matt's breakfast was served on a cookie sheet.

Yep, I'm that classy.

Since next time we have a party, I don't want to serve appetizers on the cookie sheet, I better find that tray.

Oh, and I need to add baby-proofing to my list.

I left Ellie on her tummy time mat for about 54 seconds this morning while I grabbed her bottle.  She started off on her side.  I came back to find my little escape artist headed to the kitchen herself.  I guess she rolled over and decided she was bored with the living room.

(I'm coming, mommy!  Don't you leave me here!)

Note: She left the pink stuffed cat behind.
Note: Her head is still on the ground.
Note: She is angry.
Note: She is not even four months old.
Note: She left a crumpled mat in her wake.

One more day of work.  Yay!
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  1. Yay for summertime!! I have a feeling your little one is going to keep you on your toes this summer :)

  2. I lLOVE that you used a cookie sheet! And go Ellie!


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