Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moments I Love.

One of the best things about having Ellie is seeing the world through her eyes.  Everything amazes her: hands, feet, a stuffed duck, and music.  Ellie goes through her day wide-eyed, staring in wonder at everything in her field of vision.

(Ya know what else is amazing?  Mohawks!)

Ellie is also fascinated by the grass.  She was laying on her blanket from Kristy, and realized she could grab onto the blades of grass nearby.

(Woah... What is this stuff?)

Hard to decide what's more fun, pulling up blades of grass or gnawing on the big flower on her shirt.  (I quickly put a stop to gnawing on blades of grass.)

(Tastes like chicken.)

I love watching Ellie develop new skills and new fascinations. As her head control improves, her world gets bigger.  Tummy time has been less painful as she gets stronger.

(Tummy time outside = Happier Ellie.)

Ellie enjoys being outside, and I'm happy to take her for walks to help her calm down.  I've been taking photos of flowers lately, trying to enjoy each moment of summer vacation.

(And then the bee flew at my head.)

Now, a few little announcements.  The {Giveaway} for this week is still open.  I personally think name blocks make a great shower gift.

DS Mommies and Expectant Mommies: The story of Max (you can read about him in an upcoming blog) has touched all of us.  For those who don't know, little Max fought bravely for his life, and passed away on June 16.  He was born on June 1, about eight weeks premature.  Check out the link in the sidebar from Sweet Little Chickadee.  The shop will donate 10% of July sales to NDSS in honor of Max. 

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  1. great pictures. that is such a fun age when they begin exploring everything and everything is new

  2. Beautiful photos of your sweet Ellie! She is doing great on her tummy :-)

  3. Great post! I think it's so important that we, as parents, slow down and appreciate the little things and try to see our world through our baby's eyes.
    Ellie is just SO beautiful!

    Did ya see the good news for you on my blog? :)


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