Friday, June 24, 2011

Just Like Riding a Bike.

Before Matt and I began dating, he told me how much he loves his bike.

What he really said was, "I'm glad I don't have a girlfriend, because I'd feel like I was cheating on her with my bike."

Sorry, Matt. That didn't last too long.

Naturally, a few months into our marriage, he convinced me to get a fancy road bike as well.

I confess: I am terrified of biking downhill, and just when I got to the point where I didn't cry (seriously) we learned that Ellie would be joining us.

I thought about biking on the trainer while pregnant, but my bike shorts didn't fit.

Biking and I took a break, and now I'm trying to get us back together, but Ellie doesn't like that plan.  My sweet husband put my beautiful green bike on the trainer in the basement.  The following are things that do NOT keep Ellie occupied while I bike. 

* Napping (total fail, plus I had to run up two flights of stairs to get her)
* Floor time on the mat with pink cat
* Floor time on the mat with the mirror
* Swing time
* Leonard the Lion
* Bumbo seat
* Boris the Elephant toy
* Every other toy we own... and we own a lot of toys.

Ellie starts to play happily, then sees me on the bike and wails.  I've gotten on the bike seven times since her birth.  The maximum number of minutes I've ridden in a stretch is six.

Maybe, just like Mommy, Ellie is more comfortable running.  I can accept that, but I really would like to ride my bike again someday.  I didn't even try to get on the bike today.  I went for a quick two mile run, with a very happy baby.  (I actually left the house with a fussy little girl, but came back with a delightfully joyful little girl.)

(I love running!)

Ellie has also been working out in her own right.  In physical therapy, Ellie is working on keeping her head up and building core strength.  We work on sitting every day.  After our run, Ellie sat propped up on my knees.  (She kindly didn't complain about my sweaty running clothes.)  She is still unsure what to think about the camera.  

(Mommy is sweaty.  But she's helping me sit up, so I'll deal.)

And speaking of therapy... Ellie has a new favorite toy.  She stared at this guy during her entire session this week.  He plays music, so of course, Ellie loves him.

(Play it again, Mr. Star!)

Happy weekend to all you non-teacher folks out there.  Fellow teachers... smile.

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  1. Note - Ellie's eye color is up for debate. I may need to post an unedited photo and let everyone else decide! (My vote is brown. Like her mommy.)

  2. I so want to learn to run... I know that when I do though, Moxie's going to have a fit about the stroller moving fast.

    She HOWLED when we first put her in the Burley and it really confused us. Turns out it's just a Princess thing. Bump in the road - WAAAAAAAAA - tiny crevice - WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Oh man. It was awful. But she's over it. Used to it.

    We're also thinking of putting her on the i-bird at some point, just for fun for her. Micah loved it. The thing is, the Burley is so darn conveinent that it's hard to make even a tiny switch.

    p.s. LOVE the photo of her scrunching up her little face!!! Too cute!!! xoxoxo

  3. too funny your comment on ETST ;) hugs from Lily to Miss Ellie!


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