Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm asking a question this afternoon.  Why in the world is National Running Day a day that is far too hot to run?

Now that I've gotten that issue off my chest...

June is here.  I love June.  I love the end of school.  I love that June is my birthday month.  I love the weather, which is normally ideal.  (I said normally.  Today is abnormal.)  I love that this June, we're not moving.

We moved into our current place a year ago last week, and I'll never forget the first few weeks after our departure from the hi-rise.  Every morning and every night, Matt and I would say, "I love our neighborhood!" 

We still love living here.  Tons of babies, and at the pool over the weekend, Ellie and I ran into some old friends who have a son a month older than Ellie.  Seeing old friends is always a treat, and I told them about Ellie's diagnosis.

The response was something like, "Oh."  Not a bad "Oh."  Not "I'm sorry."  Just "Oh."  Like I'd just informed them that Ellie has brown eyes.  (Which she does.   No matter what Matt says.)  And the response was perfect in my eyes.  Ellie does have Down syndrome.  Her extra chromosome is important.  But she is so much more than an extra #21.  Sometimes, saying nothing says it all.
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