Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Heart Faces - From A Distance

The best part about DC is city living combined with great escapes... within a couple miles.  Check out I Heart Faces this week for great photos in beautiful places taken from a distance.

PS. The MaddyNbella/Little Miss Stubborn giveaway is still open. 

(Mom watching kayakers. - Click the photo to enlarge.)

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  1. I love this shot. So pretty! I am so glad you get to live there. When I lived outside of DC I was amazed at how many things there are to do all the time : ). It is definitely not a place you can live and be bored!

  2. I agree, I lived in DC for 4 years and loved the city and the ability to get away so easily into the beautiful countryside!

    Great shot!

  3. I'm curious about DC... a lot of friends live there, but I've never been beyond the airport for layovers... maybe, hopefully some day

  4. What a peaceful moment you've has the feeling of a happy summer day :)

  5. very fun picture. the lighting makes it feel like an old film image.


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