Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day.

I am lucky to have a dad who loves me.  Some of my favorite memories with my dad are getting ice cream each Thursday after school.  My dad is the one who got me into this whole "running" thing.  He used to take us sailing and jet skiing.  Thanks, Dad.  Now, he gets to be "Pops" for Ellie.

I have a grandpa who wanted me to love travel, so he took my cousin and I to Europe.  He has wonderful stories.

My father-in-law is one of Ellie's biggest fans.  Even if she's crying or screaming, Grandpa thinks Ellie is being an angel.

And I have a wonderful husband, who happens to be a fantastic Daddy to Eleanor Claire.  I can't say enough, so I'll just share this.  Happy first Father's Day!

(Click the photo to see it without the sidebar in the way.)

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  1. Good dads are hard to beat! Love this post. so very, very sweet!

  2. This is so touching! You can see the love in his eyes!

  3. This is so sweet! He looks like a proud daddy and she's adorable!

  4. I love this photo of Matt and Ellie. The bond between daddies and daughters is so precious.

  5. Such a sweet moment. I know she (and of course he) will look back on this years from now and smile :)

  6. Very sweet capture. I love his expression as he looks at his daughter.

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Comments can be so encouraging.

  7. Just...awwwww! Such a sweet capture :)


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