Saturday, June 25, 2011

Birthday Fun

We celebrated my birthday today.  Because today is actually my brother Zach's birthday, and my birthday is tomorrow, I felt like I was cheating.  (Also, because I received a card from him yesterday, and my card for Zach is sitting somewhere on the coffee table.  I think.  Sorry.)

Ellie showed me some new skills for my birthday.

(Check out my head control, Mommy!)

She dressed up in party clothes.

(Photo by Matt.)

Matt got me flowers.

(Aren't they pretty?)

We set up tiki torches and relaxed and grilled.  Ellie met some new friends and hung out with some she'd met before.

(Tracee and Munchkin.)

(Steph and Munchkin)

And although the days of going dancing until two in the morning are over, I am having a happy birthday weekend.

(Friends make birthdays happy.)

(Photo by Matt.)
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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Well in 24 minutes.

  2. Loved hanging out with you and Ellie tonight!!! so fun to finally meet her!!


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