Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Traditions.

Ellie attended her first Jazz in the Garden on Friday evening.  I love this summer tradition of the fountain, the people watching, the free jazz, the snacks, the people watching.  Did I mention the people watching?  I introduced my jazz-loving husband to Jazz in the Garden a few years ago, and he became a fan as well.  

(This jazz is so calming.)

All the girls wear sundresses and sunglasses, so Ellie decided to be trendy, too.

(Shades from Grandma.)

After some snacks, meeting another baby, dancing, and enjoying the sun, that smart Daddy character noticed dark clouds.  We started walking toward the car, but split up to keep Ellie dry.  The girls stayed comfortable while Matt sprinted to the car in flip flops and rescued us from the storm.  He made it to the car just as the storm hit.  We were hanging out under the awning of an information booth on the mall, and several other people joined us in our safe haven.

(Jazz = Joy.)

We arrived home safe and sound, and mostly dry.

(Mary at Jazz.)

Fortunately, Saturday dawned bright and sunny, so Mary and I went for a walk with Ellie to tackle the all-important pre-pool errand: purchasing sunscreen.  Ellie had her first swim.  She had mixed feelings about the pool.

(Mommy, stop laughing!)

(Oh, that looks cold!)

(I hate this.)
(I am confused and possibly angered.)
(This is okay.  Maybe.)

I was sad to say goodbye to Mary, but her boys need her at home.  Uncle Mark is here for a few days, so along with Grandma and Grandpa, the house is full.  Ellie and I went for a short run.  I can now run for about 25 minutes with Ellie easily, but my pace is slow.  I feel like I worked hard during my 22 minute jaunt today, so it's about time to get grilling.

In California, when you put burgers and/or veggie burgers on a grill outside, you're at a "barbecue."  Here, it's "grilling."  Either way, I enjoy summer evenings with veggie burgers to eat while I keep an eye out for fireflies.  Fireflies were not a part of my childhood on the west coast, but I love spotting them as the first sign of summer.

What is your favorite summer tradition?
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  1. They have a triathlon in Cincinnai that benefits the Down syndrome association. While no one in our home is a runner, or a biker, or a swimmer, we usually go down and have a brunch afterwards with our fun Ds friends at our house. Then we just enjoy the weekend! (Picks of Vi are on my FB page - she kept saying "I WINNER I WINNER!" when she got her medal (which she called her "fingy" (thingy.) Loved the pictures of Ellie!

  2. I had so much fun the past couple of days and love that I have been included in the blog!

  3. Her little sunglasses and swimming suit are so cute I can hardly stand it! Also, I've started making Waverly's hair stand up with baby lotion; I curl it up in the back like Alfalfa! You could totally spike Ellie's with lotion, too! Hilarity would ensue.


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