Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom and Family.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Ellie's grandmas, my aunts, and all of Ellie's "aunts."

(Mom and Danielle)

(My mom and me, photo by Danielle)

I have a pretty fantastic family.  My mom is watching Ellie while we're at work, for example.  My family is hilarious, both the immediate and the extended.  I love them, and they spoil Ellie rotten.  I married a man with a great family.  I love them, and they also spoil Ellie rotten.  That makes Mother's Day a happy day.  Although neither of my grandmothers are still with us, I got to know them both, and I even have some memories of my great grandmother.  (And I'm certain that if any of them were here today, they'd be spoiling Ellie rotten.  She just invites that kind of spoiling.  We give everyone a hard time, but we enjoy seeing how much Ellie is loved.)

(Sal, Mom, Ellie, Uncle Pete.)

(Me with my great-grandma.)

I didn't grow up living near my awesome relatives, but that has just resulted in extra "family."  Across the street was a house with seven kids.  That means there were frequently nine of us in the backyard, in the pool, playing football in the street, or otherwise hanging out back and forth between two houses.

(The "family."  Photo by Laura Click.)

This is where I give major props to my mom for:
* Being super patient and fun when there were always a billion kids running in and out of the house, dripping wet from the pool and leaving towels all over the place.
* Letting us play loud, annoying music while we were running in and out of the house.
* Getting us the trampoline and not freaking out when dangerous stunts were performed. (Note: I understand why trampolines come with nets now.  However, I maintain that we had more fun.  And no one got hurt.)
* Always having cookies ready, which I now realize may have involved baking a batch per day.
* Teaching me the value of sitting outside with a good book.

(And props for the bubble dress!)

 And while I'm at it, I'll give my mom additional credit and love for:
* Staying with us to watch Ellie and spoil her rotten.
* Learning everything she could about Down syndrome as soon as we got Ellie's diagnosis.
* Loving my family.
* Taking care of not only Ellie, but of us during this transition back into full-time work.
* Flying to various locales to watch me run marathons, in fantastic head-gear.  (Note: Aunt Carol gets props for this one, too.  In fact, extra props to Carol for always thinking I'm way faster than I really am!)
* Making Ellie do tummy time, because she knows I want Ellie to do it.


Which leads us to this Mother's Day weekend, and the fact that Ellie and I both get to tell my mom, "Happy Mother's Day!"

Happy Mother's Day!
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