Friday, May 13, 2011

Growing and Chinchillin'.

*Repost after blogger outage*

Ellie is growing.

After I got home from work on Tuesday, she ate about 15 ounces.  She is waking up earlier to eat.  Those chubby little baby cheeks keep growing!  Was it only two months ago that we were sitting in the NICU daily, navigating wires and machines in order to hold our little girl?

(All that food goes straight to the cheeks.)

We took my mom to one of our favorite places recently - Roosevelt Island.  The park feels like an escape from the city, although from certain parts of the trail, the city is clearly visible.

Bambi was there.  Of course, I am still pretty slow with the manual settings, and didn't get a great photo.



One downside to our adventure was the construction we encountered on the island, right after telling my mom about the beautiful fountains.

(Giant "Snort.")

I love to read Ellie Are You My Mother?  In the story, the baby bird finds a giant "snort" (backhoe?) that he attempts to identify as his mother.  Ellie slept through seeing the real live snort.  Aside from the snort ("pronk" in the Spanish translation, which we also own) the island was almost perfect.  Golden sunshine, warm temperatures, chirping birds, all signs of the coming summer.

(The view from the bridge.)

(I heart this guy.)

(Staring at Ellie.)
Our family is set to grow this summer.  But no new people, just a fuzzy friend.

When Mike and Anna came to visit for Easter, Anna told us about her pet chinchilla.  We have a "no pets" clause in our lease, but we asked the landlord if we could have a chinchilla, and he was agreeable.  We owned a beta fish at one point, but he didn't have a very long life.  I picked him because he was the only fish moving around out of all the betas at the pet store.  Matt called him our "rescue fish."  We're now onto bigger and better pets.  Just in case you want to know more about chinchillas, you can look here.

What are you looking forward to this summer?  Personally, I am excited to see what else Ellie learns from statues of historical figures.

See what I mean?
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