Thursday, May 5, 2011


How do you say, "Happy Two Month Birthday" to Ellie?  If you're Christina, you use flamingos.

(We've been flocked!)

Our local Young Life area runs a flamingo fundraiser, and in the middle of the night, a flock appeared in our yard.  We live in a townhouse, so our yard is small, but was packed full of 25 pink plastic flamingos.  Even though I was having a bad morning, the sea of cheap lawn ornaments made me laugh.

I took Ellie out to visit her temporary pets.

FACT:  Lesser flamingos eat an estimated 60 g (2.1 oz.) dry weight to fulfill their daily food requirements. (Ellie eats 7-10 times more than a lesser flamingo.  I have no idea what a greater flamingo eats, but she eats more.)

FACT:  Flamingo vocalizations range from nasal honking to grunting or growling.  (I believe Ellie is part flamingo.)

FACT:  In zoological settings, flamingos recognize their uniformed keepers among visitors.  (Ellie doesn't make us wear uniforms.)

(Thanks, for the fun facts.)

(Staring at flamingos.)

(Content baby.)

(Can I catch a flamingo on my tongue?)

On the night of my first date with Matt, I was a "maybe" to go flock the home of a friend.  I stayed out late with Matt instead.  Good call on the romance front.  And now, three years later, Ellie gets a flock of her own until the Young Life kids come and take the birdies away! 

(Who is that pink birdie?)

For those curious how the "flocking" works, you can order one of several flock sizes to be delivered at night, complete with a sign.  The flamingos live in the yard for a week or so, and then they move on to another home.  Ever since arriving home from work, I've been listening to the neighbors comment on our new pink friends.

Ellie also celebrated her two month birthday with shots.  Major props to Grandma for pulling doctor duty while we were working!  Grandma is a trooper...whether through rain, or sleet, or snow, she'll get Ellie to the doctor on time.  Our little girl is now 8 pounds, 9 ounces (roughly the weight of a "greater" flamingo).

I'm looking forward to the weekend and some family time, friend time, grill time, workout time, and whatever other kind of time comes our way.  Perhaps we'll even get some sleepy time? 

(Mommy and Ellie.)

And if you're a local who wants to order a flock, email me and I'll pass the information along!

PS, Ellie "spoke" to Matt today.  Apparently she was overcome with joy when daddy came home for lunch...she exclaimed, "Hi".  Literally!  It was not a little spooky.
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  1. Awww, what a cute idea! Think how much she'd most likely enjoy that a few years from now?!

  2. I see these flocks around for anniversaries and birthdays and had no idea where they cam from before - glad my dear great niece got one as big birds are cool!


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