Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Day at the Park.

Ellie met her first Manos this week.  The Manoses are family friends, but they're more like family.  Steve was in town and came over to grill and meet our baby girl.

(Stevie and Ellie.)

The pictures were pretty dark - I am trying to figure out why in low light, I can't seem to turn on my flash in manual mode.  Or, without the "image is too dark" warning, the photo simply won't take.  The auto-focus goes in and out, and then no snap?  (No problems on manual focus.)  It corrects after I mess with the camera a bit, so I'm certain whatever is wrong is operator error.  People who know what they're doing, feel free to weigh in!

Ellie tried out her Bumbo seat.  Opinions on this chair for kids with Down syndrome vary, but I think it's okay for short periods of time.  Ellie is still a bit too small and her head control isn't quite at Bumbo appropriate levels.  She seems happy at first, then tips over slightly.  Her head control is improving each day, so I'm sure that soon, she'll be sitting in her Bumbo like a pro.

(My head is difficult to control!)

Ellie also has been working on holding objects - like her bottle.  When the bottle is nearly empty, Ellie holds on and "helps" with feeding.  Sometimes she gets overly excited and knocks the bottle out of her mouth, but most of the time, she's pretty good. 

(Helpful baby.)

This weekend has been pretty low key.  We took Ellie out to eat and she slept... like a baby.  (Who came up with that phrase?  Clearly, not someone with a baby who wakes up ready for breakfast at 5 am.)  We went to the park and enjoyed a respite from the rain.

(Ellie saw some geese.)

(Matt on the trail.)

(Cutie in yellow.)


(Ellie makes a face for Grandma.)

(Ellie stares at Grandma.)

Chinchilla update: We visited a chinchilla at a pet store and fell in love.  Chinchillas are amazing and fluffy and sweet.  Practicality is winning out, however, so we're going to wait until after Ellie's surgery.

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  1. Ellie looks so pretty in yellow! And I bet she'll be a bumbo sitting champ in no time :)

  2. Through your blog and posts. I am reliving the early days with my own "angel whisperer", a girl now nearly 13, with Down Syndrome. If I ever name her blog, it will be 'Little Miss Independent". I appreciate your writing things I never could, more than words can say. Thank you.

    A Dad


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