Thursday, May 26, 2011


When you think of high school, who comes to mind?

Your best friend, of course.  (I hope.)

(Mary and Ellie.)

Even better is when you're grown up and have kids and you get to see your best friend.  The best is watching someone who has known you through the years hold your baby.  And attend physical therapy with your baby.  And be wowed by the explosion of pink in Ellie's drawers.  (Mary has boys.  The have toy snakes and alligators, not purple fluffy bunnies.)  Mary also has an amazing talent; she can make Ellie smile by calling her a "little poopy baby."  I worry about giving Ellie a complex, but Mary just made a new friend.  (My own phrase, "little stinky butt," doesn't seem to elicit the same smiles.)


I like having Mary around, and Ellie feels the same way.  She welcomed Mary by demonstrating one of my favorite Ellie quirks.

Ellie has plenty of stuffed animals, lovies, taggies, and other baby appropriate snuggle items.  Her absolute won't-let-go-and carries-it-when-we-pick-her-up-item is:  The Burp Cloth.

Really, Ellie?

(Who replaced my burp cloth with a lovie!?!?)

We're in the midst of a great visit, and are enjoying adventures like walking to get ice cream, walking to great dinners, and just catching up on life while people-watching.  We listened to quite the loud overshare at the next table.  We'll have to get Ellie's take on the situation. 

(Mary and me, at a great dinner with Matt and Ellie.)

Plus, the pool opens on Saturday.  Bring it on.
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  1. Ooh mean mama taking away her burp cloth! Haha! Little Miss Personality!

    I really enjoyed this post. My best friend was pregnant the same time as me. She did have a girl but is still insanely jealous of all the cute closes my spoiled little Bear-Bear has. She showed up to the hospital with real tissues and cupcakes right after we got Ellie's diagnosis. True friends cannot be replaced.

  2. Glad you're getting time with your BFF. That's important!


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