Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mrs. L, I Missed You. Maybe.

Tuesday marked my return to work.  Tuesday, I got comments like these from my students:

"I'm so glad you're back!"
"We missed you!"
"I asked every day when you'd be back!"

Those comments lasted exactly one day.  By Wednesday, they were back to the old routine. 

Oh, well.  Feeling appreciated was nice for the one day it lasted, but why do short weeks seem even longer than five day school weeks?

At least I confiscated a great note today, "Who would you go out with?"  "Nobody."  "Why?"  "Becau-"  (And then Mrs. L took it.)  Thanks, fourth graders, for a laugh.  

While I'm at work, Ellie is having fun with Grandma.  I have a hard time leaving my little munchkin each morning, but I know that in order to best help her later, staying in special education is beneficial.  Coming home after work is the highlight of my day.  Ellie is smiling more, sucking her thumb, reaching for her toys, and responding to music.  She's becoming more vocal, both in crying for food and in just "talking" while she plays.  Every day when I get home, we go for a run or walk.  Our walk today was cut short by rain, but by the time I got inside, the sun was shining again.  I gave up and played with her inside instead.

(Kind of grainy, but it was really dark.  Daddy's Princess.)

(Daddy, Ellie, and Senor Gato, Ellie's new friend.)

Check out the chubby cheeks.  I cannot believe this is the little girl who was supposed to have trouble eating.  I realized that with work I've been slacking on taking pictures of Eleanor, but I plan to remedy the problem this weekend.  I need to get some clearer shots of Ellie with Senor Gato (pink cat), Boris (blue elephant), and Humphrey (pink hippo).
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