Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Brake for Spring.

Spring Break marks the week before I return to work.  Spring Break means the start of the "play outside" season.  Spring Break means Holy Week, Easter, and new life.  Spring Break means Cadbury Eggs and Peeps.  Spring Break means visits from family.

Spring Break also meant a cardiologist appointment today, and the appointment was positive and encouraging.  Our Early Intervention meeting this morning was positive and encouraging. And while I am not excited that going back to work means being away from Ellie, I can still be thankful.

"Life is Good" List:

1. Walks with Matt and Ellie.

(Hardcore stroller-ing through mud.)

2. Friends and neighbors and church.  People who demonstrate love in a tangible way.  People who bring meals.  People who sit on front porches and chat and hang out with Ellie.  People who babysit last minute.  People who live out "spurring one another on toward love."  People who I used to live with and babysit who now play with my daughter and make her laugh.  People who hang out and help make tacos for an impromptu dinner party after a walk. 

(She loves big kids.  They love her.)

3.  Sunny days.  Warm nights.  Walking up to the house after getting a haircut to find Matt and Ellie hanging out on the front porch post-run. 

4.  Our neighborhood.  We have neighborhood Screen on the Green coming up. And, I learned today, four playgrounds with baby swings within a short walk.

5.  Super-crafty friends who make Ellie awesome baby picnic blankets.  OK, so that's just the one friend.  And Kristy even laughed when Ellie threw a tantrum today.

(I have talented friends.)

6.  Grandparents.  They are watching Ellie so I can work.  That's pretty sweet.

7.  Baby swings and pacifiers.  Because they (sometimes) keep this little girl happy.

(Calm Ellie.)

8. Brown Eyed Girls.  Oh, like my daughter.  But Matt disagrees, and thinks Ellie's eyes might not be brown.

Happy Spring Break!
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  1. I'm so glad your dr's appt went well! Such good news :)

    Your friend made a gorgeous blanket for you. I wish I could sew!

  2. Yay for good appointments! And I'm still super impressed by your running and commitment to the marathon. I can totally see Ellie joining you in your crazy running adventures!


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