Thursday, April 7, 2011

Family Time

As I've mentioned on here before, when I was about 11 weeks pregnant, we learned that Ellie has Down syndrome.  I started working on a scrapbook of ultrasound pictures and cards for our little girl.  When we had maternity photos taken, we held the scrapbook in several shots.  On Ellie's one month birthday, the weather was sunny and we spent some time hanging out on the porch.  I read, Ellie napped.  And then, I decided that since the sun was shining, I wanted to take more photos.  (Hey, I'm really trying to figure out this camera!)  So I grabbed the scrapbook and this is what I came up with:

(Ellie with her "Welcome" scrapbook.)

I also decided to begin assembling Ellie's new scrapbook, which will start with her birth.  We had these floating around the house, and I want Ellie to have them when she is older.

(Cards, cards, and more cards.  Thank you, everyone!)

Ellie is in the midst of an exciting week.  Spring finally seems to be arriving.  One of my favorite "spring is coming moments" of the week was a conversation with my husband, asking me when I planted the beautiful flowers in the backyard.  I didn't.  But I love them!

(Hello, random flowers about to bloom in our yard!)

Ellie also continues to eat like a champ.  Her food consumption is at incredible levels, and I have no idea where she puts it all.

Far more exciting than Ellie's rapid weight gain is the fact that she met her uncle this week.  We tried the cherry blossoms again with much more success.  Ellie slept most of the time, even when a loud caravan of trucks came through honking, painted with a notice that the world will end on May 21.  There's debate about the year we saw posted, so I can't tell you if you have another month or a year.  I personally lack confidence that the world is ending on May 21 of any year (especially when that information comes from a random, LOUD vehicle), but I do intend to live my life to the fullest for however long I have on this earth.  Other than predictions of Armageddon, the day was pleasant and the cherry blossoms were still somewhat in bloom.

(Typical DC sights)

(Kissing the sleepy munchkin)

(She loves her uncle)

(The cherry blossoms)

(Ellie deciding if she wants to wake up.)

(The Jefferson)

I am cleared to run on April 15, since that will be six weeks post-Cesarean.  Given that the two mile walk around the Tidal Basin wore me out, this "training" cycle could be... Slow?  Pathetic?  Painful?  I'm determined to run my 26.2 in October, but I think my return to running will be more difficult than I anticipated.  I am waiting to develop a training plan until after I try a few slow jogs, but I am open to advice from any other c-section mom runners!

On a positive note, we brought baby Ellie out to dinner with her uncle and one of our friends.  She was a rockstar and slept the entire time. The restaurant was loud and she hardly stirred.  Go Ellie!  She continues to develop her personality and is proving to be stubborn, funny, and outgoing.  I'm continually amazed that this is the child who was "supposed to" be premature and have trouble eating.

(Love her.)

We had a follow-up appointment at the hospital where Ellie spent her first three weeks, and Ellie and I visited one of the nurses at the NICU.  I felt such joy seeing her love for my baby girl.  I agree, she's a lovable kid!

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  1. Ellie is precious! Welcome to our Ds family! Our son, Wyatt, who is 21 months old, has Ds as well! Hugs from Florida!

  2. Lovely little lass! I'm impressed with your marathon first baby was a c-section and man, that really did a number on me. It's hard to recover. But I know you can do it! I'm looking forward to reading more about it all!

  3. Ellie is just beautiful! Love her wild hair :)

    Ahhh, good luck on re joining the running world. Obviously, part of running is pushing yourself, but be nice to your body!

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