Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wireless (aka, Ellie is HOME!)

When we went to the hospital on Friday, we knew we were very likely to bring Ellie home "sometime in the afternoon."  We had a new nurse, and we weren't entirely sure how the day would play out.  We didn't rush to the hospital, thinking that we'd have a long day of waiting around.  As we walked in, the doctors were completing rounds.  Ellie's doctor pulled us aside and told us she'd just completed Ellie's discharge papers, we could go see our nurse and get Ellie home.  I burst into tears.  We were home by 1:30 pm.

There are two little things I appreciate about Ellie being home that I'll share.  There's about a million things I appreciate, but these are two biggies.

One: Wireless.  Holding a baby attached to a bunch of wires was difficult.  She got tangled.  I was afraid of messing with her PICC line.  Sometimes, picking her up would make the monitors go crazy.  Now, I can hold my baby.

Two: Dinner and Lunch.  Matt and I ate with Ellie in the room.  If she cried, we could have gone to her.  She didn't cry, though, because she was in her swing, which I think is her favorite "new" (er, borrowed) toy.  She has been in it for the past hour, wide awake since 4:25 am, and after two bottles and breastfeeding, I cut her off.  I was hungry, so I came downstairs, put the very awake Little Miss in the swing, and now we are both heavy eyed and hanging out.

And now, because words do not do justice to the joy of having our baby home:
(Dogwood tree and natural light)


(Happy with the new toy)

(Ready for our first walk)
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  1. oh my goodness congratulations. i am so happy she is home now where she belongs. I remember being afraid to touch Sky while she in the NICU i was afraid I would mess something up and wiht all the monitors and wires I didnt want ANYTHING else to go wrong. Im so happy your family is together now.

  2. I am Megan's Mom, Matt's Mom-in-law, and Ellie's Grandma Sally. This past year has been a year of intensity...intense joy upon learning that my daughter was pregnant, intense anxiety upon hearing of Meg's prenatal diagnoses..will Ellie be OK? Will Meg and Matt be OK? Will we all be OK? What is Down Syndrome exactly? Followed quite quickly by Down Syndrome being emphatically shoved in the background as new worries came up...what kind of heart surgery will Ellie need? What is atresia? What is happening? Each time a new pic of Ellie's latest sonogram was received, I cried with joy. I really have waited for about 15 YEARS to be a Grandma. I haven't held Ellie yet because I had arrived for her birth quite a bit early and left as she was still in the hospital. It will be one of the greatest joys in my life to get to hold her and hang out with her and Meg and Matt. One of the most intense feelings I have ever felt was the minute I laid eyes on Ellie, very shortly after her birth. The floodgates opened and I cried my little eyes out. Ellie was born! She was breathing and she had surmounted many odds to get to us all. To hear her first cries are a blessing I will never forget. To see Matt and Meg smile HUGE smiles warmed our hearts. Ellie is here! She is part of an immediate family and a world-wide one as well. Go Team inspire us all. Thank you Meg and Matt for making my dreams come true! Love you, Mom


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