Monday, March 14, 2011


Yesterday, I saw Ellie's personality.  She may have to work harder than her peers, but at just 9 days old, she already does.  Our darling was given her first bottle yesterday, just 5 tiny little ccs every 3 hours.  For those who need a visual, think about 10 big droplets.  Well baby girl did not get to practice drinking in utero, due to her double bubble.  Her ability to even use her little GI system was restored via surgery and hadn't been tested.

She got those 5 ccs down each time and kept them down!  I got to feed her at feeding number 3.  She tries so hard to figure out sucking on the bottle, swallowing the liquid, and remembering to breathe all at the same time, but she is getting there.  And after reading Kelle Hampton's most recent post, I recognized that we, too, will have many more celebrations because everything Ellie can do is cause to party.  I called my mom, I posted a photo on facebook, "ELLIE ATE!"  Kids eat.  Well, that's nice, but my kid ate, and that's huge.  She ate without a feeding tube.  And the total joy of that is something my friends with typically developing kids might not see.  But we are blessed to throw up our hands and say, "Yay!" with each accomplishment.  I hope I continue to see, not only for Ellie's sake, but for my future children, the joy in small accomplishments.  Ellie was getting frustrated eating, but never gave up.  I want to keep applauding that spirit, because that is what will cause her to change the way many people see this thing called Trisomy 21.

(She eats!)
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  1. Good job little one, you must be so proud! will breast feeding be an option in the future?

  2. Great that she ate!! Your daughter is beautiful!!! (I am expecting a little girl with DS in May, and came here through the babycenter DS forum.)


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