Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life at Home

Life at home is much better than life at the hospital.  Instead of calling the NICU to check on Ellie, we have a new toy.  Ellie may have the world's largest elephant and a cool butterfly, but Mom and Dad have a video baby monitor.  This thing is awesome.  It's great for knowing when Ellie is crying, and for calming that new parent freak-out "Is the baby still breathing?"  Plus, we like watching her sleep, because she's a very active sleeper.  When she sleeps.  Which last night, she did.  Which the night before, she did not.  We think an elf slipped her some coffee when we weren't watching.  She wasn't upset, she just wanted to play.  From midnight until 2 am, and from 3 am until morning.  

At the hospital, Ellie never got tummy time.  The poor little thing was all wires and had stitches in her belly.  I think Ellie misses the "no tummy time" aspect of hospital life.  Here is Ellie, in deep distress over why in the world we keep plopping her down on her belly.

(That baby in the purple box looks angry, too!)

At home, we get to go for walks.  While the calendar says that late March qualifies as Spring, Mr. Weatherman says otherwise.  Ellie gets bundled up before walks, which seems strange with the flowers blooming and birds chirping.  I missed the photo op, but the other day, there was snow on the dogwood tree out front.  Snow!

(Flowers.  Yet I was wearing a hat and gloves!?)

(I love Ellie's butterfly.)

(There's an Ellie bundled somewhere in there.)

Life at home is nice because I can update this blog while Ellie sleeps.  I even went to the grocery store with Ellie yesterday, because we needed salad and paper towels.  I learned that walking with Ellie in the stroller helps her sleep, which will be good for my attempts at getting in shape for the Marine Corps Marathon!

Life at home means opportunities to attempt to style Ellie's hair.  They fail.  The baby brush just doesn't cut it at all!

(Staring in disbelief that I'd call this hair "uncontrollable.")

(I love those big eyes.)

Have I mentioned how much I love having a wireless baby?  I'll mention it again.  I love having a wireless baby!

(Check out the wireless feet!)

At home, there's room for a giant elephant.  Scratch that.  There's not room for a giant elephant, but we have one anyway.  I tried to get Ellie to pose with her new friend, who we named "Elroy the Elephant."

(Elroy and Ellie.)
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  1. I loved, loved the wireless aspect of being home from the NICU (well, once the oxygen was gone a month after especially, then we were untethered!) Congratulations on being home!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway! Good luck!

    Awww! Your little Ellie is just gorgeous! So glad you get to be home with her...I would agree that home is much better than hospital life! Her elephant is HUGE!


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