Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Miss Stubborn

The short version of our story:

At 10.5 weeks pregnant, our doctor noticed that our baby's nuchal fold measured at 3.1 mm, which is just above the normal range.  We had genetic testing done, and in the subsequent weeks and months, learned that Ellie is a girl, has Down syndrome, has a complete AV canal defect, and has duodenal atresia.  The duodenal atresia, or "double bubble," is associated with premature birth.  We were told to be ready for a baby at 34 weeks, and to hope she weighed at least 4 pounds.

(Photo by my amazing cousin, Danielle)

I'm writing this at 39.5 weeks, still very much pregnant, on maternity leave, with an estimate last week that puts Ellie at 7 lbs.  Hence, the name of our blog (and our daughter's new nickname), "Little Miss Stubborn."  She seems quite content not to be born yet, as her parents impatiently await her arrival!  On a positive note, we were happy to learn that Little Miss Stubborn is a real character from the Mr. Men and Little Miss books, and of course, we will be investing in this book in the future! 

We'll be keeping this blog to show off Ellie's cuteness and to keep everyone updated on the latest in our lives as we make the transition into parenthood.
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  1. So excited to see pictures on your blog, and so excited you are blogging!

  2. How fun! I'm so glad you set this up! What a darling photo of you! I look forward to reading more about this adventure (starting with a lovely birth story, hint hint, Little Miss Stubborn!).
    --Melissa (you know, mommamelly5 from BBC?)

  3. I saw your blog address on babycenter and wanted to check it out! I'm sure you have or will be starting the next leg of your journey in the next few days if you haven't already. We spent one month in the NICU with our son who had duodenal atresia. I wish you the best and can't wait to hear how well it goes.

  4. Is it you who won a dress from Kelle Hampton?
    Cool blog, I do one for my little guy too..good luck with her arrival I hope all goes well.


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