Monday, November 21, 2016

Because You Need to Buy Gifts for About 8 Million People.

Ya know what?  Raising a child with Down syndrome comes with challenges no one tells you about.

Like having a billion people (it went up between titling the post and making the graphic) to buy gifts for.

Ellie has....

Two physical education teachers
Two gymnastics teachers
One general education teacher
One classroom assistant
One special education teacher
One occupational therapist
One physical therapist
One speech and language therapist
One respite care provider
One regular babysitter
One art teacher
One music teacher
One Spanish teacher
One librarian

and a partridge in a pear tree.

Some of these people can get a card and candy and I can call it good.

But not all.

So here's my gift guide.  Many these products are Noonday Collection, which I'm an Independent Ambassador for.  Some are affiliate links.  Some are just awesome.

Teachers, classroom assistants and other people who get significant gifts.

Noonday Collection Flora Jewelry Roll

If you know they put up a tree, this garland is so fun!

Noonday Collection Festive Paper Bead Garland

And for the guys or those who aren't into jewelry and cute accessories?

Carmen's Chocolates has lots of goodies!

For those gifts you have to buy en masse?

The Clustered Bead Bracelet is $12.  One friend bought five.  Done.

Or the Funky Paper Bead Bracelet, for your funky service providers.

Sweet Heat Jams.... so fun!  (h/t Meriah!)

For your nanny or someone SUPER special.

This bag... Noonday Collection Great Escape Bag.

A really, really big gift card.

To make it super special, a photo book.

You know your providers.  And these gifts are great, but the BEST addition to any of them is a thank you note and something your child made them!
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Saturday, November 19, 2016


I'll admit, I'm finding it harder and harder to keep up with this space.

I joked that our 2016 card should say, "We are boring.  This year we didn't have a baby, buy a house, or start a business."

But I am expanding a business, I signed on as an Independent Ambassador for Noonday Collection, I have an increasingly mobile and daredevil toddler and a busy kindergartener.  And I'm tutoring.

I'm not blogging as much.

But I'm so very thankful.

I'm thankful that my photography business is growing.  I'm thankful for Noonday.  I'm thankful that my husband has been a trooper as business expanded faster than anticipated and he's solo parenting most weekend days in the fall.  I'm thankful that Ellie's teacher is wonderful, and her classroom aide has a sweet, special connection with her.  Together, her classroom teachers want her to succeed.  They're working hard to make it happen.

I'm thankful that I get to walk Ellie to school every day, that we live in a community with great resources, and that Caroline is growing and thriving without the intervention of multiple therapists.  I'm thankful for the way my girls laugh together, thankful for the (attempts at lovingly) room-sharing we just started.

I'm so thankful that I have these little girls to bring delight to the holiday season.  Ellie wants a tree, a reindeer and a watch for Christmas.  The tree is up and Grammie has located some reindeer antlers so it looks like Ellie is on Santa's nice list and will get her wishes.

BUT.... I'm not thankful for the Elf who comes back in a few days.

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Friday, October 28, 2016

{31 for 21} Glimpse at Our Life.

If you follow along on Instagram (@meganlando) you get a pretty good idea of life with Ellie.

A photo posted by Megan Landmeier (@meganlando) on

A photo posted by Megan Landmeier (@meganlando) on

A photo posted by Megan Landmeier (@meganlando) on
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{31 for 21} Go with God.

Me: are you allowed to go outside by yourself?
Ellie: no. Only with you or daddy or Jessica or God. 
Me: not just God. God and a grown up

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

{31 for 21} Shopping.

Today Ellie had early release, so we went Christmas shopping after school.

This year will be so fun for Christmas, if Caroline doesn't tear apart the decorations.

Ellie wanted to buy a BEAUTIFUL shirt for her uncle.

She added extra decorations to our cart at Michaels.  (And got busted by mom when my $5 purchase rang up at $35.)

Again, not about Down syndrome but a glimpse at our life.
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